Hello! I am an independent visual artist originally from Ohio. I grew up in a small factory/farming town you never heard of- Kenton, to be exact. See, told you so. As long as I can remember I’ve always had an over-active mind and imagination. Thankfully, with encouragement from family, I established an outlet in art, game/film development, science and technology. Fast forward a few years; as a naive teenager, I moved across the country to the burning southwest to attend art school and in 2007 I received my BA in Illustration. I have been freelancing and building personal projects ever since.

Over the past few years, I’ve made many changes both personally and professionally  figuring out what’s important to me. For a long time, I was creating art to improve my craft of painting and drawing rather than discovering what my personal point of view was. For a brief period of time, I took a step back from art to explore other facets of life that interest me, giving myself more of a balance. Now, once again returning to art, I see my true direction and where I can be of most value. Currently, I am passionate about merging narrative illustration skill sets on fields and topics that are of the most importance to me and which I believe need more awareness. Some areas consist of Health and Nutrition Science, Animal and Human Rights, Ecology, Philosophy, Psychology and many others.



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